Board of Directors

Eric Ball
Chairman / Treasuer

Steven Wade
Vice Chairman

James Haider

About the Trevor Ball Memorial Scholarships

The Trevor Ball Memorial Scholarships, a Freshman Scholarship and a Rugby Scholarship, were established by friends and family of Trevor Ball to help both freshmen and under graduate college students overcome the financial obstacles that challenge many students attempting to earn a college education. These scholarships are awarded in memory of Trevor Frank Ball, a well rounded young man who left this world much too soon, but not before having a profound impact on many of the people he encountered. Trevor worked very hard for his success and was well on his way to doing something positive in this world. The fund recognizes that there many young people like Trevor who have the potential to do something extraordinary with their lives. We would like to recognize and reward these exceptional young people for exhibiting traits that we feel are important to a successful and civil society.

Each scholarship has its own unique criteria, but both are strongly weighted in favor of students who exhibit strong moral character, a solid work ethic and leadership qualities. Both scholarships require written applications, requested documentation, written statements of academic purpose, and possible in-person interviews. Total annual scholarship amounts will be split equally between semesters or quarters in the school year (ex. $1,500.00 annual award – $750.00 paid each semester). All awards are for school related expenses and will be paid out to the University attended or distributed at the discretion of the Fund’s Board of Directors. In the event the primary scholarship winner rejects his or her award, an alternate will be chosen by the selection committee and Board of Directors.

The Freshman Scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior attending a Montana accredited high school program with plans to attend a Montana University System school. For the 2014-15 school year: Only students that have received a teacher submitted referral will be sent an application package. On-line applications will be available for the Freshman Scholarship in 2015. Future renewal of existing scholarships may be possible at the discretion of the Fund Board and will have similar, but separate requirements and application process. Instructions and requirements for renewal will be included with the award package.

Freshman Scholarship Criteria:

  • Minimum 3.4 GPA (unweighted)
  • Strong extra-curricular experience
  • Leadership qualities and experience
  • Two letters of recommendation (at least one from a high school teacher) sent back with the completed application in a separate, sealed envelope with the recommender’s signature across the seal. The recommender needs to include their contact information on the letter of recommendation or the application will be rejected.
  • Copy of ACT and/or SAT scores

Deadline for application is no later than February 1.        Notification of Award Winner: March 15, 2015

2015 Award amount $1,500.00


The Rugby Scholarship will be awarded to a college sophomore or higher who has played on a MYRA (Montana Youth Rugby Association) sanctioned team during high school and currently plays on a MRU (Montana Rugby Union) recognized team. Applicants can apply by using the on-line form and returning it as instructed. This scholarship maybe renewed by resubmitting an application form and other requirements annually to the review board for approval. Instructions for renewal will be included with the award package.

Rugby Scholarship Criteria:

  • Minimum 2.5 overall GPA (of four possible)
  • Minimum official Sophomore status
  • Declared major (University Studies is acceptable)
  • Leadership qualities and experience
  • Full time student status (minimum 12 credits taken and passed per semester)

Deadline for application is April 1.        Award Notification: May 15, 2015

2015 award amount $1,000.00


All scholarships are awarded at the sole discretion of the Trevor Ball Memorial Scholarship Fund Board of Directors. Scholarships are considered gifts and can be discontinued, cancelled or revoked, with or without cause. Incomplete applications will not be accepted nor returned. Winners will be notified via parcel post and all awards must be formally accepted or rejected by the scholarship winner. More information can be found by contacting us at


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