Donors, please be assured that 100% of your donations are used for scholarship purposes. No director or any other person associated with the management of this fund is reimbursed for their time or expenses. The kind people involved with this fund have graciously contributed their efforts to make sure the fund achieves its goal of helping young people to succeed.



Thank you to these kind folks and organizations for their generosity and help funding and sustaining the Trevor Ball Memorial Scholarships.



Joe and Joyce Bundi

BuzzBallz – Merrilee Kick

Construction Machinery Industrial

Northgate Meadows Neighbors

Atlas Copco Secoroc

Brad Cook – Galusha, Higgins and Galusha

Steven Wade – Browning, Kaleczyc ,Berry and Hoven

Kerry Petersen Family

Yvette Worman

Dr. Ilse–Mari Lee

Hegman MudJacking

Tim and Brenda Markle

Jace and Lisa Ball

Mark and Paula Blessinger

Skip and Denise Reissing

John and Barb Kleinschmidt

Dale and Lisa Kimmet

The Haider Family

Charlotte Jones

Beverly Caldwell

Steve and Coral Lowry

Glen and Lori Larson

Scott and Dawn Barnes

Kathleen Osen